The Largest Carnivores Edit

In the Dinosaur world there are several kind of predator families, but there are two that terrorized the preflood world. The Tyrannosaurs were one such nightmare for any kind of creature that lived with them. This family has many different species such as Albertosaurus that ruled Canada. Or Tarbosaurus that ruled Asia, but the largest and most ferocious of the Tyrannosaurs is the largest predator of all time. Tyrannosaurus was the largest and most powerful predator alive. With a bite force of 3 tons this monster could kill anything that came across it's path.
Tyrannosaurus Rex


If the Tyrannosaurs had any kind of competition of size or strength in the dinosaur world it would be the Carchodontosaurs. This family consists of many large predators, but the largest of all the Carchodontosaurs is Giganotosaurus, and Carchodontosaurus. These predators were huge they can even rival Tyrannosaurus's size. Giganotosaurus was a very large carnivore that had meat slicing teeth and even larger arms and claws than the T-rex. This creature was slightly heavier than Tyrannosaurus, but not as long or as tall. Giganotosaurus's relative from Africa which is known as Carchodontosaurus, was a dinosaur that was just as long as T-rex, but not as heavy. Carchodontosaurus had teeth like a sharks which is how it got it's name.

Tyrannosaurus-rex vs. Giganotosaurus Edit



There is a lie spreading around that Tyrannosaurus-rex is smaller than Giganotosaurus well I'm here to tell you that some body is clearly wrong. The largest T-rex that was discovered by Jack Horner in the early 21st century was estimated to be 45 feet long, 20 feet tall, and weighing in at 7 tons. The largest Giganotosaurus skeleton was 43 feet long, 14 feet tall at the hips and weighing in at 8 tons. So the only major comparision to T-rex with Giganotosaurus is it's wieght. So don't let that lie affect you. Also the Tyrranosaurus had a stronger bite than the Giganotosaurus at 1600 lbs.